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Check out this video before you move on...

How amazing is that! Watching that clip reminded me of how advanced our world is becomming. You can surely tell and understand that if people are comming up with ideas such as this, then for sure our learners rely on these tools and devices for their learning and understanding. We might not see it on an every day basis but students are becoming more and more advanced every minute of every hour of everyday. Just think 100 years back, people never thought of such devices. Just think the first electronic computers were invented during 'World War 2', do you ever wonder if they thought of something like the 'Interactive Whiteboards'? What about the iPhone? Our technology is booming and sometimes its hard to keep up with it all.

Interactive Whiteboards were designed to allow teachers and students to interract with each other without the use of a mouse or a keyboard but with just one big screen. They are now becomming a wide world interactive tool in the classroom and training environments. They have now become known as accessible, intuitive and trouble free. They have been designed to provide maximum flexibility and to libirate uses from the exploitative lock-in strategies (Interactive WhiteBoards Australia). One of the greatest things about the Interactive Whiteboard si that there are no moving parts, no soft membranes and it is all a finger touch device.

After much research through observations and experience that students have become really enagage and and almost protective over the whole Delivery Technology.

Previous behaviour management issues have now become nill and teachers look forward to go to school for work.

Students are now starting to show initiative of the learning process and learning activities, even when the teacher is out of the classroom. Now for a school that is a good thing to have and to see.

Teachers are able to work together as a whole school coohort and share resources without any difficulty.

Students are seen to be learning much more quickly than an actually classroom and is really making a difference for these lifelong learners.

The Interactive WhiteBoard has become a great replacement for those that have already used it. It has not become an extra work load but it has become a great tool to speed up alot of the process in teaching. For this reason, these WhiteBoards have become world wide. Through the use of e.Learning, Interactive WhiteBoards have improved teaching and learning in all aspects of school and buisiness and it will continue to improve as the years go by. It creates a great use for ICTs and it is useful for everyone who uses it.
I would not have a problem using this Delivery Technology within primary school become I know students at the level are capable to engage themselves in a tool such as this one.

For more information on Interactive WhiteBoards tack a look at 'Interactive WhiteBoards Australia' on http://www.interactivewhiteboards.com.au/index.html.

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