#1 Blogs and Aggregators

1:11 pm / Posted by Aaron Quilty /

Creating a blog in reality is not that hard. It is a very basic website that can be used by any man, woman or child. At times it can be fiddly but that totally depends on the person and what that person wants to include.

By using a Blog or in this case a 'Blogger', you can engage students on many different level and with many different age groups. You can use a blog simply as just an information site for students to use if they are doing an assignment or doing some research that they can do at home. A teacher can, each term use the blog as the theme that they are doing and students can read information and find information without having to go far.
Also teachers can set up a blog for students to engage themselves in mini activities. You can use this site just as a games site so students can use it when they have free time at school. They good thing about it too is that most of the activities that are up there are worthwhile for learning so the student can be a lifelong learner.

From a students point of view they can use a blog as a part of their assignment. Just as what I am doing now:
Our co-ordinator has set a moodle pilot that we can follow in order to create a blog. Not just a blog but there is a stack of other things that he has given us to look and and to teach us by us doing it ourselves. (You will be seeing more of these things in the near future)

However, students can set up a blog to do their own research and to do their assignment for any particular KLA.

Personally, I would aim this learning tool to as low as year 5 and It can well be used throughout high school.


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