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One of the most used software for media presentation throughout the world is known as Microsoft PowerPoint. It is so well used because it is such a simple form of software and virtually anyone can use it. PowerPoint can do so much with anything and for anyone. It is used in buisinessess, proffesional sports, media, TV presentations, schools and many more. You name it, they use it.

Within its program it can do things such as:

- charts

- clip arts

- music

- narration

- video clips

- animations

... and many more.

PowerPoint shows how you can make a powerful impression on your audience.

As a teacher tool, teachers can use it in a classroom situation for teaching a lesson, they can use it for a parents' group meeting or a teacher parent interview. Teachers can also use it in teacher seminars or simply as a school fair where they can show off their students work. There are plenty of uses for PowerPoint that teachers can look into.

From a students point of view, they can use this software to do an assignment, help create media presentations that include videos, images, animations, music and more (we will look into this more in video and animation). PowerPoint can also give the students the ability to set it up as an automated presentation. Students can also make PowerPoint to make quizzes. If they have set up their own blog, or web page or just simply wanted to create a quizz they can do so using PowerPoint.

For more information on PowerPoint, do not hesitate to click on the link bellow.


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