#3 Voki

12:37 pm / Posted by Aaron Quilty /

I've never seen such a thing until I started this course. However Voki's seem to be a usful tool in alot of areas. It is a new grasp for myself but it is quite fun and interesting making one yourself although what is getting me is trying to add it to my blog.

Voki's are an animated type of technology. If you know and can use them really well, in every presentation that you do you can add your own voki. It is not only an animation but it also can hold and can "SPEAK" information that can be a vital part of your presentation. Many teachers would use this animation for a hook when introducing a new KLA. Teachers may use this for a bit of fun and entertainment but some teachers use this tool for students with poor reading skills. I believe that is a great idea. Especially with the younger grades.

Students may use this animation tool for an electronic based assignment. With its colour, animation, speach, sound, movement and design students can really become engaged with this learning tool. This generation is sometimes refered to as digital natives, for they prefer to recieve information fast and would rather see graphics instead of text. Therefore Voki's are a good use for students for they are a fast graphic piece of information. If the generation is like this then students can use this animation for any assessment item as long as it relates to thier set task.


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