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RSS = Really Simple Syndication

An RSS allows you to monitor other blogs or websites that have an 'RSS Feed'.

Before this electronic tool was invented people used to do it the old an slow way. This way was the way where you would log onto your computer and you would have to actually go into other peoples sites and blogs to gain any new information that you are looking for.

Then the RSS Feed was INVENTED!!

This feed gave people the ability to log onto their own site and instead of going out and finding new information from other sites, that new information would find you. So when you log onto your site the information that you want would actually come up onto your page without you trying to find it. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!!

This new way of doing it saves you alot of time and alot of effort.

There are 2 steps in order for this to happen...

  1. You need a home site that will allow you to gain access of all your favourite blogs and news sites. A simple and easy 'Home' is called "Google Reader". However there are many more home sites that you can use. But why wait? Sign up now by taking a look at these..... a) www.google.com/reader b) http://www.bloglines.com/ c) http://www.newsgator.com/

  2. Set up a connection between your reader on your website. However you need to subscribe to these websites in order to get them onto your home page. By doing this look for this icon...

Its amazing what things you can find and view by just simply going to your own Home Page. It is a great tool for teachers and and it is a great tool for students. Teachers can use this own their own school page when they log in or even if they have created a page for their own teaching carree, Instead of having to go out a find resources all the time they can subscribe to them and these resources can show up onto their page. It is quick and easy for them to use at any time.

Students on the other hand can use this tool if they are doing an assignment. The same basic principle as teachers but instead of finding resources to teach they can find resources when completing an assignment.

This is one of the best ways to keep things simple, easy and efficient when using delivery technologies.

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