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What is a WIKI?

A WIKI is a web page that can be viewed by anybody who has access to the internet in any way, shape or form. Anyboday can include those from a very young age to those that are seeing light at the end of the road. However, these web pages can be modified by all those that view them. In other words, those that visit the site can change its content if they are willing to do so. Nevertheless, there is a way around that to keep people from modifying what you have created. So don't fear.
A WIKI is a way of communicating and collaborating as a whole group community across the board of the internet world. WIKIs are described as a composition system, a discussion medium, a repository, a mailing system, and a tool for collaboration. It gives those that create a WIKI priviledges to become the author and the editor of their own site. Therefore the editor is able to incorporate sounds, movies, and pictures, and they can be used as a simple to to create multimedia presentations and simple story boards.

By the ability to be able to create something like this it is obvious that using a WIKI is a great tool for students at school and at high school. It is also a great ttool to use if you want to present something for work or even just creating something simple for the whole extended family to see.

Scientists and Engineers first used WIKIs in the mid-1990's and they used them to create dynamic knowledge bases. This allowed these industries to imidiately view and to comment on without having to wait around for any new news.

In the past few years WIKIs have been used as an Instruction Technology which have provided a wide variety of collaborative activities and learning.

Learning Managers and those on staff in the past have been using WIKIs fo a compilation of meeting notes that have been taken as minutes.

By having the ability to attach files Learning Managers have found it easier to do reporting hence where the idea of ONE SCHOOL came from. Learning managers find the use of WIKIs helpful for doing presentations.

WIKIs have become a significant tool to use throughout the classroom for it is a very collaborative communication tool for developing content specific web sites. WIKI pages and or sites grow on a continuouse bases because people are always adding different materials and content that can address a variety of pedegogical needs such as, student involvement and group activities. Students can be benefited from using WIKIs by accessing and participating from any location, provided they have internet access.

The simplicity of using WIKI provides students with direct and immediate access to a sites content. This is crucial when a bunch of students are doing group editing or other collaborative group activites. Students are able to interact with different sites as individuals for understanding a specific knowledge content. For a student, using the use of a WIKI can promote a sense of pride and ownership when they are doing collaborative projects.

Also WIKIs are being used as an e.Portfolio, so students and teachers are able to use its utility as a tool for collection and reflection.

'EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative' quotes...

"The Possibilites for using WIKIs as the platform for collaborative projects are limited by only ones imagination and time. WIKI-enabled projects can provide various levels of site access and control to team members, offering a fine-tuning element that enhances the teaching and learning experience".

There are two main sources of WIKIs that I have looked at and created myself and they both can be used successfully throughout the classroom and at home whether you are a teacher or a student. They are both simple to use and they create alot of dynamics for active learners. They are great tools to use to engage your students as well. I beleive that they are especially good for those that have a constructivist way of thinking for they use alot of mental processing.

Here are the WIKIs that I have created. Please take a look at them:

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