#10 Static Websites

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Are you getting your message across?
They are a simple and effective way to get YOUR message across.
They are quick to set up and require little maintainance so you don't waste your time.
Great for your customers and you won't lose your business!!
Its time to get one so, ACT NOW!!!
All buisinesses, companies, charities, clubs or organisations have a purpose and having/creating a static website can achieve that purpose. The website that is created is one of the most vital parts of your marketing meassage. These groups cannot affored poor, unclear, inconsistant and out of date websites but can be totally transformed to look as though they are well run and competent organisations. This is where Static Websites come into play. Static Websites allow you to easily update your website whenever you need to and it allows you to keep your website up to date.
Apply for a Static Website now just by clicking on this link and following the prompts... http://demo.gembiz.co.uk/index.php?pageId=10
You can also use static website through using DreamWeaver or FrontPage but to this day static website are known as Web 2.0 Technologies.
Web 2.0 Technologies allow anybody from anywhere to access and to interact through the World Wide Web. These technologies become such a great advantage tool for educators and students because they are now becomming a fast growing repertoire of outsatnding resources and materials designed especially for the public areas of the web. Because of this, students are able to contribute to the growth of these websites and can be acknowledged for what they do. That allows a great sense of encouragement for our young people today.
Take a look at this YouTube clip to see how Static Websites are a part of the Web 2.0 Technology...


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