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Flickr is one of the best online photo management systems and sharing applications in the world. It is a way to show off your photos and videos to all those that matter most to you, but also to the public in some form. Its ideal bexause your basic account is free, so why wouldn't people use it. There are seven main tools that are used within the world of Flickr:
  1. Upload
  2. Edit
  3. Organize
  4. Share
  5. Maps
  6. Make stuff, and
  7. Keep in touch

By uploading you can upload from your desktop, or through email or you can use your cameraphone.

In the editing stage you are able to get rid of red eye with those photos that have it, or you can be creative with fonts and effects.

By organizing photos and videos people are able to use collections, sets, and tags.

In the 'share' link people can use groups and privacy controls to share photos and videos.

Share where your photos and videos were taken, and see photos and videos taken near you with Maps.

You can 'make stuff' suff such as cards, photo books, framed prints, Target pick up, DVDs and more!!

And lastly you can keep in touch with friends and family through different updates.

In order to gain access to this Delivery Technology you need to create a Yahoo! ID account. Flickr is obviously created by Yahoo! so not only did I have to create one account I created two. However, Flickr is a place where you can:

  • Access all your digital images in one place.
  • Show off your favourite photos to the world.
  • and Share photos with your friends and family.

Yahoo! can also improve performance that increases your site speed and efficiency enabling you to copy your user information to one of the servers in Australia.

There are three steps to help you get started on your own Flickr account. You can:

  1. Personalize your Profile.
  2. Upload your photos.
  3. Then find your friends on Flickr.

There are three steps in configurating your profile:

  1. create your Buddy icon.
  2. Choose your custom Flickr URL.
  3. Personalise your profile.

Flickr would be a great tool to use in the classroom or for students to use for assessments pieces for finding any photo of your own choice. There are thousands of photos being uploaded every minute. Each one is as unique as each other. They are personal, they a real, they are energitic, they are sad they bring joy, they bring hope. Each photo can create a different feeling and you can use that for a lesson in terms of displaying a photo and discussing as a class how they feel when they look at it or what can they see to help them understand what the photo means. There are many different ways to understand a photo, considering...

A photo paints a thousands words

You see, every student has a different personality and that means every student have different learning styles. Therefore, a simple as looking at a photo, there are millions of different view points, thoughts and ideas that one could create or give meaning too.

My thoughts go out to you all as you read and create meaning to each post.



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