#12 Image Manipulation

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Have you ever had a problem trying to fit images onto a document and that specific document would not allow it because it was too big? I know I have and it happens often. It drives you insane doesn't it. Well I have finally found the perfect way to reduce the size of pictures, images, and photos just the way you want them. So therefore, No More Frustration!! This tool is called IMAGE MANIPULATION.

Images come in different forms, shapes, sizes and files, right. Well then, image manipulation is a tool that allows you or the user to reduce the size of the file and the actual physical size of some images. This will able you to display what you want quickly as the right size for the page you are displaying.

You can use Image Manipulation for anything that shows up on the screen such as PowerPoint. Sometimes images can create your PowerPoint too large and you are unable to send it through via email. So that is why image manipulation was invented.

Instead of just reducing the size of your image file you can also add effects to spice it up. Which is quite useful for when showing different formats for an assessment piece.

Image Manipulation can be used by many different programs. Such programs include:

  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Fireworks
  • PaintShop Pro, and
  • Coral Paint

Just to name a few. However, all of these programs are costly so unfortunatly we would have to pay for them. But never fear!!! A free online tool has been invented, so we are able to do things without having to worry. This online tool is called Picnik.

Picnik allows you to make photos the way that you want them to be; beautiful, amazing, dynamic, wonderful, whatever you want and it is especially easy to use even with powerful editing tools. With it you can play around with the effects, fonts, shapes and frames.

It's Fast, easy and fun!!

Along with all the posting in this blog so far this tool is another active learning tool for all students and all teachers to engage in. Just like what it says above, It is fun, It is easy and It is especially FUN. Students can play around with this all day. They can use this tool for assessment pieces and I have already seen it happen in a year 6 class. With the way the movement of technology is going, moving into having laptops for most students is that this tool can easily be used for any age group as far down as year three even. Some students in the early childhood years can already use this tool, that makes my mind go WOW!!!

Here is an Image that I Manipulated using Picnik


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