#13 Animations and Simulations

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I have just completed a 'Disection of a Frog' demo for free without having to move from my computer chair. I was facinated by this because when i was at school doing Biology I also had the chance to Disect a Rat so I thought that was pretty exciting. I literally felt like getting my hands dirty and finding out more information. By using an eLearning Software that was created by graduates for an assessment item, I was able to engage in the learning that they had set up for Life Long Learners that were as interested in Biology as they were. This is done through a simulation process called Froguts. Froguts is one of the most leading successful companies throughout the world for their work through eLearning Simulation of Biology. Many Education systems, head of departments, schools and teachers are using this tool for a great learning source. Students are able to view and study anywhere and at anytime without having to be restricted within the classroom.
For this reason many Animations and Simulations are being created. Educators are finding that it offers more of a substantial advantage than print based materials especially when it comes to complex interactions and abstract concepts.
Animations and Simulations also offer virtual experiences whereby using the real thing can become expensive or to difficult for the learner to engage in. One reason why Froguts is good is that yes it costs, but it also offers a demo to what you can do, so you too can have an understanding of what it is all about.

Check out ExploreLearning!!
It is the home of Gizmos where teachers are using it as a regular part of their instruction. It is an online Simulation that looks at Maths and Science for students throughout grades 3-12. There are more than 400 Gizmos in the Online Simulation of ExploreLearning so students can engage themselves with the things that that are learning in the classroom or just want to explore themselves.
For more information on these Gizmos check out this video. It explains so much about ExploreLearning and it uses alot of the stuff that I have discussed before and will be discussing in the future. So CHECK IT OUT!!!


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