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Online Quizzes are a very useful tool. I have used them before as I am sure that alot of you out there have used them before. One of the recent ones that I have done was getting my Construction Blue Card and I did this on Blue Dog Training. Quizzes online, such as Blue Dog enables a user to be able to gain training from within their own house and it works out to be alot more cheaper than actually going to a Training Centre. However not all Online Quizzes cost, infact alot of the education quizzes do not cost at all.

Take a look at ClassMarker, it enables Teachers to create Free Quizzes for online testing. A proffesional website that is easy to use and can mark the test and quizzes for you. ClassMarker enables a teacher to register, which allows them to create the online quizzes and see the progress on how their students are going but it also allows students to log into the Learner Registration to undertake those quizzes.

Here is a quizz that I have made through ClassMaker. You will have to sign in. Enjoy having a go at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Students are able to create quizzes too for their peers or others to use. The beauty of enabling students to create their own is that they can add it to an assessment piece so to speak once they have done all the research that they needed to do. A quizz could be the final product. For a student to do that they will have the willingness to engage more in what they are actually learning about so they are able to get to the stage of creating a quizz. As the teacher I would monitor their Process for the assessment piece that I have given them. I don't want students to create a quizz out of the blue with no information what-so-ever. I want to see the information first before they go ahead with the final product.

I beleive that when students work towards creating a quizz they become active learners. They are always viewing things, always reading things, doing demonstrations, watching presenataions and actually physically having a go and more. Students can make a variety of different quizzes to their liking. They can make them in different forms as well such as:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • True/False
  • Free Text
  • Punctuation and
  • Essay

All of these formats can be effective not only for the student but especially for the Learning Manager.



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