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YouTube has become a great phenomenon throughout the world and is the leader in online video. YouTube creates the chance to be able to share original videos worldwide. It allows users to easily upload and share video clips across a variety of internet devices such as:

  • Websites
  • Mobiles
  • Blogs and
  • Emails

Anyone and Everyone that has access to the internet are able to watch videos on YouTube. They are able to view current events, find videos on what interests them or look into their favourite hobbie and can look at all the unusual things that happen to people, animals, events or things throughout the world. YouTube say it like this:

As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.

From YouTube, a large number of similar sites have been created to enrich video learning objects. One of these sites is called TeacherTube. Both YouTube and TeacherTube are used in most schools across the world to engage student learning. However, YouTube is not just used for a teaching purpose, there are a range of other uses for it. YouTube is being used by corporate, political, scientific and everyday users. TeachTube on the other hand with primarily created for one Purpose. This purpose was/is to allow teachers and students to engage in all areas of learning through video broadcasting.

The YouTube Clip shown below is called 'Yakkos Universe Song'. We have already used a Yakko clip before in Video and I enjoy using them because I too get really engaged. They are simple songs that talk about all different types of stuff, mainly geography whcih I quite enjoy. This clip talks about our Universe. It goes through from the beggining where we live here on earth and it expands bit by bit of how big our universe is. Its is quite engaging because it is all animated and it is like Yakko and his friends are going on a journey and what we discover is incomprehensible. The language that it uses is very well done and I would have no problem showing this either to a year 1 class, to a year 7 class and even to a year 12 class. Each level has their own learning ability and with each level you can look at a range of different stuff.

For year 1, you can use it as just a fun tool that they can watch and really get involved with. With year 7 you can use it in a SOSE/Science lesson, exploring the wonders of the world and the universe. In year 12 teahers could use it for animation creation, picking it out piece by piece what is acually going on, the colour, the words, the beat, the song, and a range of other things.

So lets look at it now...

Here is a clip that the Adults might enjoy... The Universe Song by Monty Python.


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