#22 Voice Thread

1:55 pm / Posted by Aaron Quilty /

That was a small presentation of my Graduation. I graduated in 07 and I've never put together any presentation of it or really of anything like that before. I think using this Technology tool is absolutely quite amazing. You don't have to download any software for it and its free to use. I'm deffinately going to use this once I'm in the teaching profession. You can do so much with it. If I had a microphone for the computer I would be doing a voice over, or I could sing a song.
I think its a wonderful tool to use because not only the designer gain add comments on the presentation but when people view it they also can write about it or ask question. The beauty of it is that you can Embed it into nearly any of the most popular Social networking sites, or Web 2.0 Technology sites such as Blogs and WIKIs. Friends and family can view it and for teaching you can creat a photographical presentation of something that you are teaching your students and have explanations about each image or video. Being able to comment as well is handy for students because they are able to pose questions and you can answer them back virtually stright away. I am all for this Technology Delivery for the classroom and for individual purposes as well.


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