#21 Using Music On the Web

12:09 pm / Posted by Aaron Quilty /

Music is a great tool to use anywhere, in any situation and in any circumstance. Music is all around us, it is used with everything, in everything and on everything. It is one of the most effective communication technologies throughout all of the world. Each song, each lyric, each note, each chord progression has some meaning to it. Music is a feeling of what someone is going through, its a way most people express themselves. Music can be sad, it can be happy, it can be angry, it can be love, it can be joy, it can be sorrow, it can be in mourning and there are many other ways/feelings a song can undertake. In the end, music is just another part of who you are. You can really tell who some people are just by looking at what kind of music they listen too.

I am looking forward to the day when I get my class and we learn through music. I have been singing for a number of years and I am in the process of teaching myself guitar and bringing that ability into the classroom I believe will be very effective. Its a very engaging tool especially when used on the web. Students can use Music Files on their presentation if they are submitting something through File Storage or even SlideShare where you can record your own Audio Files. However you have to be aware of the copyright restrictions that are used when online. Whether its through downloading something off iTunes or performing an excisting piece of music yourself. Whatever it is you have to make sure that you have permission from the owner.

Don't worry though if you don't know what to do about getting permission from the owner because there are alternatives. Royalty Free music that is covered under the Creative Commons agreement is available. One way you can use this is through INCOMPETECH. Look at:

  • Royalty Free Music
  • Music FAQ
  • Music Licenses

Here is some information of a Piece of music that I downloaded from INCOMPETECH...

  • Genre: Pop
  • Length: 1:20
  • Instrumentation: Guitar, Bass and Kit
  • Title: Happy Alley
  • An upbeat peppy piece of music
  • Good use of Chord progrssions
  • Good use of the Accoustic Guitar to take the lead
  • Its bouncy
  • Its bright
  • And you can get your Groove on

You can use this type of thing for your student to look at and to study. They have to pick out what type of style it is, what instruments are involved, who takes the lead, how does it make its audience feel, what is the time signiture. Those types of questions are rare and typical for an activity like this and is often used in tests for music. I have done it before.

One other thing you can do is, as a whole group or as individuals you can write lyrics to the song or show something like that for an example so they can go away and have a go at designing a musical piece themselves. Whether its pysically using an instrument, or using sound waves, or midi or different effects. You can do alot with one piece of music.


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