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There comes a time in our life when we feel the need of making somehing public. In anything that we do, someimes we just wish we could be more noticeable to the public eye and be recomended for it. You may think that not for everyone, but i know through everyones personality, through everyones self well being there is a feeling inside of us that wants to be accepted. This is exactly what students strive for every single day, but we teachers see only one side to that often. We look at the good or bad. The smart or the mentally challenged. The honest or dishonest. Students come from many different backgrouds and to be a good teacher you would strive to find out where they come from, why they have such personalities and look for ways that they can be accepted by anyone. There are different ways students and or people act because what they grow up with is what they are used to. Some students think that they can get away with things and other students don't like having a go because they are afraid. One of the main things that students/children/people/mankind want is just to be accepted, thats all.

A good step for gaining confidence in showing something that the students can get a grasp on is the concept of File Storage. File storage allows you to produce a file publicly rather than just on the school intranet of Learning Management System. These files can become accessible to anyone at anytime. They are quite simple to use. Basically you upload your file then link it to their website or the class website whether its a Blog or a WIKI and then they can make it available to anyone to download.

You can use this Delivery Technology or Student Centred Technology when students are creating any type of file for any kind of assessment piece. Once they have completed their assessment and its ready to be handed in or posted then they can log onto a Web 2.0 Technology called MediaFire. A simple way to share and manage your files.

Here are some features of MediaFire that you may like:

  • Unlimited storage

  • Up to 100mb per file

  • Unlimited uploads

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Image Galleries

  • No sign up required and

  • No software to install

Here is a link to some of my files that I uploaded for some fun. If you are a teacher you can upload some presentations that you want to give out and show to the community, some work that you have done or showing off some of the students in your class but remember internet protection. Enjoy and good luck.



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