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Slideshare is one of the most exciting things I have seen whilst doing this assessment. It vibrant, its live, its easy to navigate around and its quite interesting at the same time.

A bit on Slideshare:
Slideshare is the Worlds Largest Community for sharing presentations on the Web. You can:-

  • upload & share your presentations (ppt, pptx, odp, pdf, keynote)
  • embed into blogs & websites
  • share on LinkedIn & Facebook
  • create a webinar by linking slides with audio
  • embed Youtube videos into them
  • access SlideShare on your mobile

You can also add PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, PDF Files with audio and with the ability to share them publicly or privately. Many users use it, many buisinesses use it and alot of educators use it as a significant use for presentations because you can re-use what you have already put on instead of creating something new and wasting time and effort. Its already there for you. Also instead of just uploading one thing at a time which is very time consuming you are able to upload multiple files at one time which is great!! One of the best things that I enjoy about this Technology tool.

In the classroom students can set up their own account for free, there is no cost involved whatsoever. With the file presentations that they have created mainly on PowerPoint they can then upload it onto Slideshare where you as the teacher can view it stright off the net, but also students have the ability to share their thoughts and presentation to the online community. By doing so students can become explicitly engaged in what they are doing and will strive for excellence in everything they do.

One big thing that Mainly teacher but also students need to be aware of when using Slideshare and also any of the Web 2.0 Technologies. We all need to be aware of our Saftey on the internet. Whatever you put on people can track. So make sure when teaching your students any of the Web 2.0 Technologies that you talk about Internet saftey, because we don't want things to happen from accidental unsafe use of the internet. When using PowerPoint Presentations often students put their name, school and class in so therefore it is the teachers responsibility to monitor their work especially when put on the net.

Some down sides to using Slideshare is that sometimes files can take a while to upload. So don't leave it to the last minute to upload something. Make sure you have something prepared in advance so you have the ability to do so. However the good thing about it is that anyone can use it.

Here is what I have done with Slideshare. By using some of the Music materials that I used when doing Music Industry in my senior year of schooling I was able to upload the files, using them for an educational purpose so everyone can view some of the learning tools that I engaged in. However, none of the computers I have at home do not have a microphone so there are no audio files to go with it. Yet, if you do have a microphone it is really not that difficult to use. Enjoy the presentation and there is more if you click on the link bellow.
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