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WIKIPedia is a useful tool for gaining information about anything that you want to know. However it is a tool that can be tampered with by anyone and is not the best tool to use for doing a whole stack of research. On the contrary WIKIPedia is an online encyclopedia that allows anyone to contribute too but has a strict set of guidlines, rules and moderators to keep information accurate and avoid any breach of copyright. It is a great tool for students to use for gaining quick information with an easy reference for gaining some knowledge in any subject area.

There are 8 (eight) main topics that you can research with the online encyclopedia. These 8 things include:

  1. Arts

  2. Biography

  3. Geography

  4. History

  5. Mathematics

  6. Science

  7. Society and

  8. Technology

There are many portals that WIKIPedia have throughout their website. Each portal can be used for any subject at school and each of these can be linked to any of the Essential Learnings. However it all must be student centred, and students become really engaged and motivated when they are able to publish something.

When WIKIPedia is used as a tool at school it is often used for group work. Students go away and gather information that they can include for their topic and are able to publish it once complete as a part of the WIKI world. Often, teachers use a website called a SPARK for their students, and when working in teams or as a group, both the teacher and the students can gain access to this site and complete a self and peer feedback in written form. SPARK stands for - Self And Peer Assessment Resource Kit. Not only can student produce a written feedback but teachers can also on each student. It is all anonymous too.

The WIKIPedia world is a world that holds alot of information, but don't be fooled by some of its content and do not rely just on WIKIPedia for all the information. Use other resources when doing assessments but just remember WIKIPedia is a good starting point for any research.


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