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Google Earth is an Amazing tool to play around with, to view, to piece things together that you have not seen before in your life about our whole earth and even parts of our universe. Having google earth as a part of the computer system throughout a school is something that is overwhelming. If you don't have Google Earth in your school then I recomend that you get access to it and put it in your system. Both teachers and students are able to view images throughout all of the world including their own backyard. Google Earth has the ability to overlay streets/roads with latitude and longitude and even coordinates.

One of the things that amazes me all the time is being able to see the USS Arizona in Hawaii. When I was there in 2000 they said that the Arizona was still spilling out oil. I just think being able to see such a history memorabilia in your own home and on your own computer is absolutely amazing. Just think how much your students can learn from using this Technology tool. There is so much history throughout the world and we have no idea how close it is too us in reality.

Another thing that I find facinating is that just recently you can use Google Earth to go and have a look at the Moon. You can even see the first footprint ever formed on the moon. Now that is great history.

By using this tool you can view and find out information about the wonders of the world.

One of the greatest things about using this tool is not only you can view images from the satelite but you can also read information about thousands apon thousands of different landmarks and things.

As a teacher, using this technology will be a wonder to use especially for geography, history, maths, science, natures of the world, in nearly every KLA imaginable. There is something you can find and you can use by using this technology.

If you do not have Google Earth In your home or in your school got to http://earth.google.com/. Download the file and you can be above the world like everyone else who has it.

Just remember, Google Earth allows you to fly anwhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D Buildings, from galaxies to outer space to canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share wth others.

Here is an image from Google Earth that has a memory that I will never forget. This memory took place in a little community in The Sunshine Coast off Vancouver BC called Davis Bay. I went for a nice holiday to see family after finishing year 12 for five weeks. One of many events that occured was on the 1st of January I was Forced by my family to take part in an annual event called 'The Polar Bear Swim'. Now the 1st of January in Canada is not the middle of summer where I am from in Australia but the complete opposite. Being 0 degrees outside I swam in this ocean. What an experience! I've never Hyperventilated before in my Life. I've never not felt beat up before when looking at myself I knew I had been beaten up by nature. I never knew what it felt like not to breath properly for a number of weeks, and I never knew that being in that state of coldness, being put in a hot bath can make you colder. However, I also never knew what it was like breaking a record. I went away from that place with alot of memories and with my name up in the record books for that race.


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