#7 Learning Management Systems

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Learning Management Systems, also known as LMSs are web-based course management systems that have been created for students and faculty to frequently engage themselves in classess delivered online and make use of the materials and activities that helps with face-to-face teaching. Some LMSs that are being used frequently throughout many different faculties include sites such as BlackBoard, Moodle, and WebCT. However Moodle is known as an Open sourced LMS which means that it is cheaper and more flexible with a mass amount of plug-ins for a variety of different functions. Whereas BlackBoard for example is driven by instructors, lectures and Learning Managers to provide students with cource materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizess, an accademic resource center and more.
Some of the engaging tools that are used for Learning Management Systems include:
  • Powerpoints
  • Videos
  • Audios, and
  • animations

WebCT is an online delivery tool that allows teachers to create, teach and manage online courses through many different resources and technology tools. Some tools that WebCT uses include:

  • student grades
  • student progress
  • assessments
  • syllabus
  • announcements and many more.

It doesn't matter which delivery tool is used, they all do the same thing. They are all used for the same purpose and they create lifelong opportunities for students everyday. They create easy access for teachers and students in any course where the online community can communicate and collaborate at any time.

By using these LMSs, as the coordinator you can use all the Student-Centred Technologies to focuss on specific learning activites and use a range of different tools to engage your learners. Such as what Scot Aldred has done with this course throughout Managing e.Learning. Through the use of Moodle, we students are engaging ourselves with the course content to create such things as this blog, WIKIs, an e.Portfolio, social networking and many more. However LMSs are just another form for creating an e.Portfolio and as a student enaging in such a thing is allow me to become more of an active learner. They provide many different views and ideas and they create a range of different learning tool for any individuals learning style and personality. There might not all be tools for everyone but its a garentee that there is at least one in there to suit the needs of all learners.


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